Extra Sensitive Soaps

For those with special needs, these soaps contain added nutrients and emollients, like avocado oil, ground oats and goats milk.

3.25oz Bars $5.95

Baby's Lullaby

This soap is so gentle for the most sensitive skin types and has the sweet scent of baby powder.

Goat Milk with Vitamin E

This creamy complexion bar is made with goat milk and enriched with a generous amount of Vitamin E oil. This floral scented soap in ultra-gentle, suitable for delicate skin. Try this centuries' old remedy for skin rejuvenation.

Oatmeal Honey & Milk

This old fashion recipe contains fresh ground oats as a mild scrub and honey for it's moisturizing properties. Scented with a blend of oatmeal, milk and honey fragrance.


This wonderful soap contains the anti-inflammatory oil Copiba from Brazil. When combined in an olive oil rich base it makes for a treatment of all kinds of skin disorders.


This soap is specifically created for very sensitive skin, or for those seeking a soap for it's moisturizing properties. Customers remark about how this soap leaves their skin feeling silky smooth after bathing. This bar is so special that we add no scent, just pure avocado!

French Lavender with Oats

Pure French lavender oil is blended into a base of natural vegetable oils. This olive oil rich soap is enhanced with fresh ground oats for their soothing properties.

Luscious Lemon & Coconut

This soap contains a generous amount of coconut oil for lots of bubbles and true essence of lemon for a refreshingly clean feel.

Tea Tree

Centuries ago Aboriginals from Australia learned of the germicidal and medicinal properties of the tea tree oil which this soap contains. Tea tree oil is reputed to help control dandruff. This soap is made with a generous amount of moisture-rich avocado oil. This soap also makes a great bath bar.