Men's Soaps

These bars showcase some wonderful outdoor scents. They produce a nice lather and have fine cleansing characteristics.

3.25oz Bars $5.95

Forest Glen

The fresh scent of evergreen forest comes to mind when you lather up with this bar. I've created a wonderful blend of fragrance oils that includes the rare rock rose essential oil.

Sandalwood & Vanilla

This rich, luscious bar will gently cleanse and moisturize. it contains real vanilla bean flecks that are mildly aromatic and act as a natural deodorant.

Zanzibar Spice

From the Island of Spices this bar has a blend of scents including, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper. Though it has masculine undertones, the scent I think will appeal to women too.

Fisherman's Soap

It's smell evokes childhood memories of licorice candy. The anise and sweet fennel essential oils have strong antibacterial and deodorizing properties, which make this a very useful soap when working in the kitchen or on the boat.

Adirondack Summit

You don't have to climb an Adirondack peak to experience the alpine scent that is captured within this bar.